Thursday, June 4, 2015

EURJPY long term Ichimoku Best Forex Trading Strategy 28 Apr 2015

Image: Oanda


Date: 28-Apr-2015

Entry: Long @ 130.18; 

Date: 27-May-2015

Entry: Long @ 134.80;

Date: 29-May-2015

Entry: Long @ 136.00;

Reason for Trade/Setup: 

On 28-Apr-2015, Entry into the position as price cut above the kumo cloud, more important, chikou span had cut above the kumo cloud too.

The entry on 27-May-2015 was a result of not being stopped out. The stop loss level was at 132.50 then. Price started to trend upwards upon hitting 133.00 level. With price cutting above tenkan-sen and kijun-sen, added this position.

Entry on 29-May-2015 was based on price cutting above kumo.

Initial Stop: 127.00, Shifted to 132.50, Shifted to 134.50

Initial Target: 146.50





Exit: Still in position

Profit/Loss: NA


Price action moving towards level held around Nov-Dec 2014.

Ichimoku Trader


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